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Welcome to Food Processing Equipment Company L.L.C.

We specialize in buying, selling and rebuilding Used Food Processing, Fresh Vegetable, Fruit, Refrigeration, Ice, Freezing, Cannery and Packaging Machinery.

With a client based all around the world. Food Processing Equipment Company is dedicated to serving our customers machinery needs.

We can supply you with a single machine or an entire processing plant consisting of all used machinery or a combination of new and used machinery.

We Buy and Sell USED MACHINERY related to the Food Processing Industry. You are able to search our online equipment database for the machinery that you need By selecting the USED EQUIPMENT tab at the top of the page you can then search for equipment.

Sell your surplus machinery select the “SELL” tab to send us a list or add descriptions(tell us what you know about the machine) upload pictures, literature, video and we will contact you with any questions.

New Machinery Blades: If you use a mechanical cutting machine then you have come to the right place for your new blades. Click on the “BLADES” tab at the top of any page for an overview of what we have available. If it cuts vegetables, meats or fish then we are your source for High Quality blades.

Needing new machinery or your machinery rebuilt. Let us know what your requirements are and we will work to help you get this done properly to manufactures specifications in a timely manner.

Your one stop location for one piece of machinery, an entire line, a plant, Refrigeration engine rooms, Freezing Equipment, anything related to the Food Processing Industry. Fresh – Frozen – Canned – Bagged – Processed

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