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Steam Peeler Needed

We have a client looking to purchase a 100 to 150 Liter Steam Peeler. Please contact us with information on the machinery that you would like to sell.

Plastic Bins

We are looking for a Large quantity of Plastic Bins for Fruit/ Vegetables Please contact us with what you have for sale.

Altman Pepper Coring Machine

Pepper Coring Machine needed

Urschel Sprint2

We are looking for a Used Urschel Model Sprint 2 machine.

Green Bean Snipper

We are looking for a small quantity stainless steel Green/ string bean Snipper

Flake Ice Maker

We are looking for a Northstar M90 Flake Ice Making Machine

Green Bean Equipment

We are looking for equipment in a Green Bean washing, Separating clusters at 5,000 pounds per hour.

Bock Centrifuge Model FP-35

We need 2 machines.

Pre-Pack Melon Peelers

Many Pre-Pack melon Peelers needed for an on going Project

Rotary Onion Slicer

Onion Slicer that keeps the onion stacked after slicing

Metal Detector

4″ – 5″ diameter metal detectors – Food Installation. Must be in good working condition Multiple units needed


Incline conveyor needed. Food Grade, 48″ wide x 12 – 16′ long. Will or without belting, Good Frame at a minimum.

Roller Inspection

30 – 48 inch wide by 9 – 10 feet long roller inspection conveyor

Verical Form Fill and Seal

*Cryovac model 2070


*5 # machines for Fresh Vegetables

Batter Mixer

ABC Batter Mixers needed

40″ Batter and Breader Applicators

Stein is preferred.

Emery Thompson Batch Freezer

All sizes are considered.

Urschel E Translicer

Lazy Susans

5 – 6′ diameter stainless steel lazy-Susan tables.

Vertical Form Fill and Seal Machinery

Need very nice machinery for Fresh Cut Vegetable Bagging 1 – 5# capabilities

Vegetable Shower

To rinse 32 gallon baskets full of cut vegetables


Need small volume filler for depositing cooked meat mixture 5 – 16 ounce


Hopper Fed type


Continuous cooker

Hammer Mill

Machine to grind up vegetable culls

Repack Line

For Tomatoes and Peppers – Good condition, short in length

Farm Stand Equipment

Need equipment for a small farm to get start Canning.  Kettle, steam generator, water bath, related hand items

Urschel Diversacut Dicer

Automatic Vegetable Dryer

Belt fed and belt discharge, small foot print

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