EQUIPMENT NEEDED 2017-08-22T05:31:15+00:00

Belt Dryer

Belt Dryer, 24 – 48″ wide 50 – 80 feet long – Open belt.


Stuffer needed 15 to 25 HP with dumper needed

air Knives

Stainless steel air knife systems needed for drying vegetables.

Water Jet Cutter

Water Jet cutter needed

Kettle Needed

We are looking for  up to 5   – 80 -100 gallon self contained kettles.

Cheese Shredder

Evaporative Condensers

100 to 600 Ton Ammonia 15 years old or newer

Urschel Sprint2

We are looking for a Used Urschel Model Sprint 2 machine.

Green Bean Snipper

We are looking for a small quantity stainless steel Green/ string bean Snipper

Green Bean Equipment

We are looking for equipment in a Green Bean washing, Separating clusters at 5,000 pounds per hour.

Roller Conveyor

24 – 48 inch wide by 9 – 20 feet long roller inspection conveyor

Urschel E Translicer

Lazy Susans

5 – 6′ diameter stainless steel lazy-Susan tables.

Vertical Form Fill and Seal Machinery

Need very nice machinery for Fresh Cut Vegetable Bagging 1 – 5# capabilities

Vegetable Shower

To rinse 32 gallon baskets full of cut vegetables

Urschel Diversacut Dicer